The Faithful Steward – The Loving Steward


african-elephant-maleI don’t have the body of an elephant!
I have the body of a man
I have the mouth of a man
I speak the words of a Man


Between my speaking and your hearing is the spirit…
Who alone gives understanding to the hidden things
that our hearts need to hear
Who alone quickens the mind to see with clarity
the things that are important to our well-being
And who alone grants wisdom beyond our learning
Transforming the power of our minds like nothing else can.

by Br Marcus

The Faithful Steward

Part One

The Loving Steward

Most people don’t really give a second thought to stewardship. For them, it’s not something that’s worthwhile following up on – unless of course they are dealing with their car or their computer or something that has value to them. It seems that when something has a price it is considered infinitely more valuable than the things we receive for free.

Take love for example.

Most of us have at some point – often from an early age known love in its most sincere form – the love of our mother. There is no stronger love in human existence than that of a mother to a child.

The love of a father is different.

While a mother’s love is strong – a father’s love is deep. There is no deeper love than that of a father to a child.

Some of us may have known love from a sibling and that too comes in two flavors – sisterly, which is akin to a mothers love. And brotherly which is like that of a father.

Yet neither of those will be as strong or as deep as that of a parent.

Then there is the love of a spouse. Some may say that this is equal to that of motherly and fatherly love. Yet, that is not always so and is of itself a huge topic for discussion – so we will leave that until another time.

The fact of the matter is that love comes in many flavors yet the most neglected one as we will see turns out to be the most important one – as well as being the one form of love that leads us on to the topic of this discussion, that is of course…

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