The Journey – Forces of Compromise

Can't see the wood...

Can’t see the wood…

Today, the church of god is in exactly the same place that it has always been. A group of people who have faith in the unseen surrounded by a bigger majority of people who are all saying either “So what!” or “Show us your god”.

The sad thing is that for too long believers have been taking to much notice of those on the outside and not enough notice of the one who really matters. In order to appear relevant we have tried to accommodate and show others we are just like them.

And sure…   On a flesh and bone level we are, but in every other respect we are not. And really, the fact that we are different should not matter to us.   The under laying principle here is that it is our beliefs that should be forming our actions. NOT our actions (or ways of living) that form our beliefs.

And those beliefs should be in total agreement to who god really is and not the watered down version of the god that people are comfortable with.

That includes the average Christian.

The average Christian is daily confronted with other people’s view of who and what a Christian should be.

These influences come from family, friends, work colleagues, the media and more. Yet the most influential of all is the fellowship they attend. Of course under normal circumstances where a fellowship is moving forward in the way god would countenance, then it is only right that ones fellowship is the main influence. Except for one major problem in that so many of these fellowships have become institutionalized.

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