The Journey – Forces of Compromise


Institutionalized faith

An institutionalized fellowship is no longer fully open to follow the ways of god and is more comfortable in following it’s own internal rules a procedures. Although these rules may have once been influenced by godly ideas when followed blindly, they are no better than the ways of men and so hugely influenced by society.

As you are reading this, you may even be agreeing… You might be thinking something along the lines “Well yes that is true for ‘so and so’ church but ours is better.

You can be sure that those in ‘so and so’ church will be thinking exactly the same about your fellowship.
Now that’s shocking isn’t it!

I’ve often had people reply to this by saying “Well yes, of course there is no perfect church, but my church is not as bad as so many of the others.”

And this is said in a manner meant to show that from their point of view everything is OK.

They totally fail to realize that we have no business comparing ourselves with others in order to gauge how well we are doing. Our only measuring stick is the example set by god and to accept anything less is to accept something that falls far short of even second best.

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