The Journey – Forces of Compromise


What to Do

Whether your life partner is a believer or not it is important that as a minimum you take the following steps to build their assurance of their central place in your life – and that you demonstrate this as often as possible. Here are a few sensible do’s and don’ts


Do tell them you love them – often.

Do continue to find out about your partners wants and needs.

Do be aware of how they talk with you and particularly acknowledge your understanding of fears they may have.

Do reassure them of their importance in your life.

Do be patient and explain things to them.

Do understand it is very OK to say NO to things you don’t feel comfortable with when asked to partake of them by people in the fellowship. If they are truly alive to the spirit of god – they will understand. By the same token…

Do be gracious when you say no to things – from your old life – you no longer feel comfortable doing.


Unless you are moving away from harmful practices, don’t change your daily routine too quickly.

Don’t be bullied into doing ‘churchy stuff’. Wait until you really and truly know it is something you are meant to be doing for your own personal good and spiritual well-being. Though say no graciously.

Don’t get overly tied up with new meetings and so on too quickly i.e.

Don’t abandon your partner for your new ‘friends’ – which is how they will see it.

Don’t try and drag them along to fellowship events – wait for them to be curious.

Don’t be disappointed if they don’t ‘get it’ the first (or even the hundredth’ time) they come along. After all – how long did it take you to ‘get it’

Don’t bible bash – your actions will speak the loudest.

Final Thoughts

The thing you need to understand here is that god has been gracious and patient with you so follow his example and be the same with those you love.

Faith is a hugely powerful life changing part of our human experience. Something that powerful has to be handled with care, consideration, and respect for the gift that it is.

Take your time in getting to know how to handle your faith and deal gently with the things it will affect in every part of your life. And includes how will affect you personally.

Next time: We’ll be looking at other sources of compromise and how to handle them so you can follow god more fully.

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