The Journey Begins


The problem is not what you think it is

The first thing I want to tackle is this.

The biggest threat to the body of Christ is not Islam or any other religion.
It is not the cults.
It is not the non-believer.

It is the church (or the body of believers) it’s self

For too long men and women of faith within the church have been encourage – and in some cases forced – to compromise by the vast majority who pay lip service to faith and belief and the right way of living…

That vast majority, have let the ways of the world drive their existence and understanding rather than be guided by the ways of god. To them, the bible as we know it is no longer seen as a tool to train the righteous man in the way of good. It has become merely an interesting study of what Christians should think and a ‘take it or leave it’ collection of ideas as to how they may wish to live their lives.

They forget – the real word of god is that which lives in the heart of the man who has come to know the power of god for himself.

I’m old school and so appear to not be politically correct. That means I use man to mean all of mankind and himself to mean herself as well – at least most of the time.

But before we get to the real problem – let us return to Islam for just a moment.

Islam is a just another example from history of where a system of faith has been hijacked by a very small band of people who twist it’s teaching to enslave the vast majority of it’s adherents and use force of ridicule, false shame, political pressure and finally arms to make its point.

Now before you get on your high horse and say ‘islam this and islam that’ just do your own research and you will quickly see that every form of belief has been corrupted, divided, manipulated and turned away from what could be thought of as worthy ideas.

Factions have been part of the ‘religious’ scene since the beginning of time. Even in the earliest forms of civilization you would find many religions – all saying ‘our way is the only true way’, whether they be followers of Apollo, Zeus, Aphrodite, Mohammed, Jesus, Krishna or who ever.

Your reading of the bible will prove to you that Jews suffered the same fate.

As did the Christians whose beliefs have been factionalized virtually since the very beginning. I’m not going to list the many flavors of Christianity – though I do challenge you to do so and don’t start by saying ‘I’m not going to include XYZ because they aren’t really Christian.
The important thing to remember is that at the grass roots level – they think they are.

Just like you think you are.

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