The Journey Begins


Forced Belief

From the beginnings of my walk with god I have never seen the need to use force to promote either belief or faith in god. Because if your god is indeed god… All-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful, then he must by definition of what god is be able to look after his own interests.

A real god does not need even one man – let alone an army – to prove he exists or force people to believe in him or kill other humans who don’t want to believe in him.

Any one of any religious persuasion who insists god needs an army to do his bidding is simply bringing the power of god down to the miniscule level of man and mans ability.*

The god of creation – who created man – does not need man to destroy anything.

Why would he?

° Now you are probably going to quote the armies that we see mentioned in the Old Testament. But before you go to far there realize that these were as a result of man refusing the fullness of god.


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