The Journey Begins


If God Is Love…

If god intends us to love him then by the very simple understanding that a huge part of love is the free will to do so then you cannot force love.

Love has to be an act of free will.

Therefore why would God ever give the order to love him or die.

That just not hold true to what love is.

Now the more astute may wish to use the argument that we don’t choose our parent and they are effectively forced upon us – but we love them all the same.
For many that is true.
For many – it is not

It is still an act of choice. One which we can partake of or not.

What then is the real problem with the church of god?

In the first place as with many people of differing faiths that have gone before – The church has lost a true understanding of what or who god really is and what it is he has given us.

Now I am not going to get on a soap box and start telling you how you should be before your god – that’s not my function, (except to say you should be totally fulfilling your God given potential).

What I will say with complete assurance is simply this… That you do not understand how huge god really is.

And such is god’s vastness none of us ever will, no more than you could drink all the water in the ocean if you had your lifetime over and over.
But that does not mean we should not try – neither is it an excuse for not wanting to know god better.

One Last Thought

I’ll leave you with this one last thought.

We should be suspicious of any system of faith that puts someone or something in between our god and us as individuals. You would not accept it if someone came to you and said they needed to be intimate with your spouse on your behalf. Especially when you know your spouse loves you as dearly as you love them.

So why would you accept to have a second best relationship with god?

If we are the ‘Bride of Christ’. Then let us remember the marriage vow.

What god has joined together – let no man separate.
Or in this case come between god and the one he loves – and that is you!

Next time, we’ll be looking at how the insidious forces of compromise affect your walk with god and what you need to do about it.


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