What Inspires You to succeed?


SunsetWhat inspires you to succeed?
What is it that pushes you forward when your situation seems hopeless and all your work futile.

Could it be faith?

Faith in your idea
Faith in your knowledge or maybe even
Faith in a dream.
Faith that the sun will rise and chase away the dark

We all move forward without proof of that which is to come. Every day we wake from our slumber we are on a new path that may or may not take us to our dreams or to the end of a path that ends in tears.

Yet we all – almost without exception –  chose to wake up…
Choose to face the day and choose life.

Ever wondered why YOU do that?

No I don’t have an answer for you. That is not something I can give…
Only you can truly see and understand what you have been given the gift of life for.
Only you can see past what is  – to that which will be and see that place in this world that only you can fill, the light only you can shine and love in a way that only you can perform.

Your uniqueness is what makes you a special person.
Special – to the people you matter too.
Special to the situations you work in.
Special to the one who gave you life.

Br Marcus

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