Why Does God Allow Famines?


Picture: Cate Turton/Department for International DevelopmentThis is of course a valid question as is the one that is often inferred – why does god not stop famines? Some even think that god causes these famines and want to know why. I’ll answer these questions shortly – but with three caveats.

Firstly, remember I speak as a man. If god uses my words to give you understanding – you have been blessed. If not – well at least you have something to think about.
Second, as you can’t blame someone you don’t believe exists then obviously, these answers are directed towards believers. If you don’t believe in god then you will have to find someone else to blame. Don’t worry though as I’ll give you a few pointers.
I’ll also give you some very practical ideas about what you can do about it.
Lastly… I don’t pretend to be politically correct. If you don’t think people have the right to express an opinion you should find and move to a country that will police free speech and let them take care of that for you.

If you are happy with those caveats, please continue…

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