Why Does God Allow Famines?


Some Facts

There are at present about 800 million people on this planet who – according to various trusted organizations – don’t have enough to eat every day. That’s a little over 11% of the world’s population. Most of the worst effected are in Asia, Africa and the region around India. With more found in West and central south America.

The_State_of_Food_Insecurity_in_the_World_2015 __FAO___Food_and_Agriculture_Organization_of_the_United_Nations

Famine Hotspots – see http://www.fao.org/hunger/en/


So yes it is a huge problem and not simply something sensationalized by the media. Thousands die each day both directly from starvation and from so many health problems caused by being undernourished.

But that is not because there is not enough food to go round. It is simply because the abundance of food currently produced on this planet is not distributed properly. The business of food distribution is all about making profits and not providing proper nutrition to those who need it. And that is true in every country especially in the US.

There is another major cause too. On average each household – in what may be considered prosperous countries – wastes a good 25% of the food they buy each and every day. According to the US environmental protection agency, Americans waste 36 Million tons of food every year. Just that waste alone could make a huge difference to so many of those starving millions.

36M tons / 800m People = 45kg of food per starving person per year.
That’s nearly an extra 2 pounds of food per week.

It may not sound much to you but to some it is certainly the difference between health and sickness as much as to others the difference between life and death. When you add in the waste for the entire food chain from farm to table to trash that goes up to a whopping 40% or $2,245 per household per year.

That’s just in the USA.

Figures from the BBC indicate that Brits waste around a third of what they buy each and every day. Statistics from the government and food industry show each adult wastes food to the value of £420 each year. That’s around about $650 or around $1.75 a day. Bear in mind that according to figures from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the CIA  the average YEARLY income for people in Somalia or the Central African Republic are only about $600 per year.

With a combined official population of about 15 million. The food thrown away by those in the British isles or it’s monetary equivalent could easily feed everyone in the say the Central Africa Republic and Somalia combined. So if you then add together the figures of say just north America, Europe, Scandinavia and Australia you are looking at nearly enough to feed the worlds starving just from what the rest of us throw away.

As I said it’s not a question of ‘there’s not enough’. It is a question of distribution and a general ‘couldn’t care less about the others’ attitude.

But let us return to the statistics we started with earlier on…

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