Why Does God Allow Famines?


So why are people still starving?

I did allude to one of the reasons earlier when I said “Food distribution is all about making profits and not providing proper nutrition to those who need it. And that is true in every country especially in the US.”

Yet another sad truth is that very few people actually care about the suffering of others.

Probably less than 1% of people will do anything other than talk about it.

So statistically you’re very likely to do nothing about this so you may as well admit that to your self and get on with your self centered life. While the few that do care and do – get on with it.

On the other hand there are a number of charities that do fantastic work in helping people get a simple human need – enough food. Why not give to them and at least have the satisfaction of being a doer rather then a whiner. And if you are over weight then do something about that too. That way you will be around for your grandchildren, pay less in medical bills and what you save on over eating you can donate to a reputable charity.

One charity I have come across where 92% of it’s donations go directly into the food program is called Feed My Starving Children. http://www.fmsc.org/

You might also like to consider Just Like My Child Foundation  http://www.justlikemychild.com

You may even find a charity locally and on that note – don’t forget that there are people in your neighborhood who may not have enough to eat and could do with your help.

So as every system that we have looked at is firmly in the control of men then why do people still ask “Why does god allow famines?”

It really does not have anything to do with anyone other than each of us – mankind – has a responsibility to do something about it. And that does not mean ‘leave it to the government’, as most politicians will only be serving themselves, as will many of the organized religions or even many NGO’s.

It really does mean you… YOU have to get of your – statistically speaking – fat behind  and be apart of the solution.

Now for the real answers…

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