Why Does God Allow Famines?


As I said earlier “As you can’t blame someone you don’t believe exists then obviously, these answers are directed towards believers.” If you are a non- believer this has absolutely no relevance to you what so ever.

So NOW – the bit for believers.

The first thing we have to agree on as believers is that god created a planet that can easily produce as much as we can ever need if we are good stewards of the resources. In fact, you can see already that even though we have not been good stewards, there is still far more then we need to go around. There is no lack on gods part what so ever.

So… why does famine happen?

Simply put… men decide that it will happen.  Every one of us have seen the reports of food and supplies being stolen by certain parties in unruly countries and then sold to the highest bidder or distributed to only favored people or followers. We hear on the news about corrupt officials only allowing much needed food to be distributed once they have had a substantial pay off. We all know corruption exists and either feel powerless because’ that’s the way it works over there’ or we’re not bothered because it does not affect us or those we love.

So in a nutshell it happens because men seek money, power or position. And most often – all three.

Why does god not step in and stop hunger and famine?

There are so many reasons why god seems to allow things we consider to be wrong and unjust to occur – so lets have a look at some of these.

God gave man dominion and control over the earth and all that was in it. He also gave man a knowledge of right and wrong and free will to decide what to do. He has in essence placed everything we need for a good life on this world… He told us to look after it, be good, love and care for each other and the things he gave us so that we will prosper and have great lives. Yet some men used the god given ability to make their own decisions and decided to be self-serving and take more money, power or position for themselves. And most often – all three.

Now for god to stop this happening he would have to severely limit our ability to act on what we think is best. He would have to limit our free will.

Would you like to be stopped from doing the things you want to do? Living a life like that would be like living in a cage. It would drastically limit our ability to express ourselves and be the individuals we can be. Would you accept to be caged? I know I would not.

So we could rise to our full potential god allowed free will and the responsibility that goes with it.  To know right and wrong and based on that knowledge to choose to do something or not. Either way the decision is always ours.

Is god unfair?…

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