Why Does God Allow Famines?



We would find it unfair for god to treat some in a different way to others, we all want god to treat us equally. So if you think that god should step in and stop some people committing a bad action. Then you must be prepared for the same thing to happen to you. How many things have you done (or left undone) today that you know were wrong?  Would you wanted god to have stopped you doing something and have compelled you to do others things. Would you want god to control you to such an extent that you no longer have the ability to decide for yourself what you can do – what is right and wrong?

NO you don’t !

This is something that is built into the thinking of every single person on the planet. That we have a right to freedom.

  • Freedom To Say
  • Freedom to Do
  • Freedom to Think.
  • But above all a freedom to DECIDE

Whenever we see those things taken away from us or anyone else we know it is WRONG.

We know that so deeply that men and women have over the centuries laid down their lives to uphold our ability to be free. They still do to this day and I respect THEIR freedom to choose to do that.

We honor them because we intrinsically know those freedoms are simply too precious to be lost.

If these are precious to us then you can understand how much more precious they are to god who gave them to us in the first place. And maybe you now understand why god does not curtail those freedoms and treats us all equally.

  • Being able to think
  • Being able to decide
  • Being able to act

Are at the very heart of all that we are.
It is these that allow to love.

It is impossible to love if you do not have the choice to do so. The ability to love is the greatest and most precious gift god has given us yet it relies on freedom.

Like I said – if you think god should take away the freedom of those who cause or contribute hunger and famine and stop them from doing so or compel others who have the power to make a difference to do so – then you must be prepared for him to treat you equally and take away your own freedoms too.

What you can do!

In preserving our right to freedom god has given us the right as a society to decide how these wrongs are punished should we decide to do so. Just as he has given us the ability to reward those who do good – should we choose to do so. So as all is in our hands and under our control it is us (and that means you) who should act against hunger and famine.

  1. By putting our own house in order and making sure we eat healthily.
  2. By making sure that we share our over abundance with those who lack.
  3. And where it is more practical to give say money or time, to do so responsibly so that the maximum benefit is indeed received by those we wish to aid.
  4. But most of all to care for those who have lack.

Now you know, I trust you will become a doer and be known by your works.


Br Marcus


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